Rendering a (mega) PDF in a Xamarin Android app

Display a PDF in Xamarin.Android

Even on mobile, sometimes you need to show people a PDF. In your Xamarin Android app, for most situations, having the user download the document to view it outside of the app using Android's native document viewer is probably fine. But what if the design specifies displaying the document in the app? And what if that document is 100+ pages long? We recently ran into this here at Infinity Interactive and needless to say, displaying a PDF in your Xamarin Android app is not as straightforward as one might expect.

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Uno Platform

Image of Uno Logo

In the beginning, there were iOS, Android, and the Web. Entirely separate platforms that had to be developed as such.

Then, along came Xamarin. Developers could write iOS and Android apps using a single codebase, but we were still on our own for Web development.

Now, Uno has emerged. Building on top of Xamarin, it gives us the power to write iOS, Android, Web, and even UWP applications using shared logic and UI!

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The Technical Details Of Our YAPC::EU app

YAPC::EU recently hosted their annual Perl Conference in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, and Infinity Interactive is proud to have partnered with them in releasing the YAPC::EU mobile application on iOS and Android. Today, we’ll cover some of the technical challenges we faced in creating this app, which we built on the foundation of the Open Source project that provided a similar app for Xamarin Evolve 2016.

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iOS Animations in Xamarin - part 2

We're back with the second part of our post on iOS Animations in Xamarin. In this post I'm detailing some of the animations seen in TaxChat, an iOS App we recently launched. In the first part we discussed AnimateNotify, AnimateKeyframes and AddKeyframeWithRelativeStartTime. In this continuation we will look at animating rotation and scale using CGAffineTransform, then animating a CAGradientLayer using CABasicAnimation.

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iOS Animations in Xamarin

We recently launched the app TaxChat, "tax preparation for people who have better things to do." The iOS app saves you from having to do your taxes by yourself; instead you just answer a few questions, snap a couple of photos and a certified tax professional will take care of your tax return for you. All through a beautiful & intuitive interface. You can read more about it at

Since we built TaxChat using Xamarin, I figure this is a great time to write a post on iOS animations in Xamarin and detail some of the animations seen in the app. If you don't already know about Xamarin, check out this introduction to Xamarin by our resident Xamarin MVP, Sean Sparkman. Essentially, Xamarin allows you to build native apps for multiple platforms all in C#, which is pretty sweet.

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Theremin Fountain with C# and the Arduino Uno

My Project Idea

I want to create a fountain that can entertain guests. Namely, I want to be able to control the flow of the fountain with my hand. Recently, at our last summit, Jay Hannah introduced me to the Leap Motion, which is basically a Kinect for the hands. A little research introduced me to Arduino, an open source solution for programming microcontrollers.

The fountain will be built using base electrical components. The actual physical basins for the water may be taken from an existing fountain, but I plan on making that decision later. This post details my initial goals for the project, as well as the first steps I took towards a side-project, and the coding hurdles I had to overcome to complete the side-project.

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API Source Code to Website Help Pages in ASP.NET Web API


Recently, I was working on a team project with a number of independent components each with their own data, logic, and presentation layer. I was assigned the task of creating an API for capturing large amounts of real-time data. Since other developers needed to use it, the API had to be documented.

Technical writing is probably one of the most difficult things to do. The intended audience most likely does not want to read it. It needs to have just enough detail, but it needs to be short. And even if it does meet all those requirements, people still may not read it.

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