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automation and integration enables your high-impact people to focus on high-impact tasks

The process of preparing tax returns depends upon a series of recurring tasks and procedures, repeated across all your clients. Smart companies tailor their processes to let technology handle the rote tasks. Finding places to streamline and pinpointing where targeted use of technology can be a force-multiplier—be it API integration, bulk processing, or custom software—this is where Infinity excels.

Whether you’re handling 2,000 or 200,000 returns, every moment your team is empowered to focus on clients instead of filing or chasing documents becomes an opportunity for meaningful conversations about tax planning and additional services. Infinity will identify creative ways to more efficiently manage your high volume of data collection, collation, and processing—loosening up your compressed timelines a little in the process. When it's so difficult to find quality people, we’re here to help you find more time for yours, and to allow their time to work harder for you.

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