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Infinity’s expertise spans the entire gamut of Perl-related services, including systems architecture, systems administration, DevOps, release engineering, beginning and advanced training, code review, programming (green field and maintenance), and consulting around modernizing your Perl code or migrating to other platforms/technologies.

we’re part of the perl community

We love the culture of Perl and work to strengthen it. Our people have initiated or contributed to many of the libraries commonly used in Modern Perl, including Moose, Catalyst, DBIx::Class, and many others. We have a long history of delivering talks and keynotes at YAPCs and regional Perl workshops. We’ve donated our time to offer Perl training at the last several YAPC::NAs and we’ve sponsored workshops and hackathons. We’re proud to count among our ranks several Perl 5 core committers and release managers. In short, we’re unabashed Perl nerds.

…but that’s not all we bring to the party

We’re Open Source-loving polyglots. While we’re very fond of Perl, the one thing we love even more is using the right tool for the job. And we don't mean dabbling. In addition to our Perl crew, we have experts in Node, .NET/C#, Java, Swift, C/C++, Ruby, and Python (and more!), so we can always choose the right tool for the job.

When we’re not working on projects for our partners, we’re exploring new programming languages and technologies. Whenever possible, we Open Source our work so others can benefit.

we are:

ultimately, we like helping people.

Here are just a few examples of the ways in which we've helped our partners.


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