Meet Emal

Emal Sakwall
Emal Sakwall

Here we are with yet another blog post in our interview series. This time, we'd like to introduce you to one of our consultants, Emal Sakwall.

Name, Company, Title, City

My name is Emal Sakwall. I live in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. I’m a consultant at Infinity, and I’ve also done release management, QA, and project management at Infinity. I have a number of hats and wear them as I need to.

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Meet Toby

Toby Deshane

Welcome to the latest blog post in our interview series. We’d like to introduce you to our programmer, Toby Deshane.

Name, Company, Title, City

I’m Toby Deshane and I work for Infinity Interactive as a Programmer. I live in Middletown, CT.

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Meet Hutch

Bold explorers Hutch and Jess

Welcome to the latest blog post in our interview series. We’d like to introduce you to our resident Californian and front-end programmer extraordinaire, Will Hutchinson (aka Hutch).

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Analyzing a Fantasy

Some of the folks here at Infinity Interactive are avid players of fantasy sports, and this year, they convinced me to join their Fantasy Football league. Two months into the season, what started as a casual game has turned into a trip through a data analytics wonderland as well as what will hopefully be a recurring series of posts here looking at various aspects of the data analysis that I've been doing.

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Meet Tracey Shirley

Image by Emal Sakwall

Welcome to the 10th blog post in our interview series. Let’s pause to mark this occasion and fire up the confetti cannon. We hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know our crew. And, while those colorful tiny pieces of paper fill the backdrop, let me introduce you to our own Tracey Shirley.

Meet Tracey. She is compassionate, kind, clear, logical, efficient, and analytic. She keeps projects on track and uncovers software bugs in a way that leaves us all inspired. I know I want to be like her. Read her answers to my questions.

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Actioner (Another Engine)

I'm still playing around with Redux and, as usual, I'm always on the lookout for ways to optimize my laziness.

One thing that I found irks me just a little bit are the Redux actions. They are nothing but raw Javascript objects, meaning they are very easy to set up and manipulate. But since anything goes, they are also very easy to subtly get wrong. For example, I'm working on a spaceship game and I have an action called MOVE_SHIP. But what arguments was I using for that? Was it this:

{ type: 'MOVE_SHIP', ship: 'enkidu' }

or rather, that:

{ type: 'MOVE_SHIP', ship_id: 'enkidu' }

Sometimes, I remember to double check myself, but other times, I'll use the wrong property and set myself up for a long, protracted, somewhat less-than-joyful debugging session.

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